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Between the Lines

My word plays offer a particular,
or perhaps peculiar, perspective on people.


Germans don’t put mustard on their sandwiches, but do wear spandex when riding their e-bikes on Sunday afternoons. On YouTube, I share my take on Germans’ funny, cute (and annoying) quirks.


Got a business trip to Germany? Then you’ll want to learn these practical phrases and cultural tips first. My #RealGerman series is not based on text books – but on my 13 years of real-life experience living in Germany.


What’s important to us says a lot about who we are. Explore Germany’s diversity one person at a time, based on this one question: What was the most meaningful thing you’ve done in the past 24 hours?

Learn English

With its tricky verb tenses and spelling exceptions, English can be harder than it seems. In this German-language YouTube series, I share some of the pitfuls of learning English, as well as fun and useful idioms.