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Gutenberg in the Cyberstorm

How is big data impacting what and how we read? We explored this pressing issue on both sides of the Atlantic in DW’s gripping feature, Gutenberg in the Cyberstorm. I am the on-camera reporter in both the English and German films, which we shot in LA, New York, Seattle, Berlin, Hamburg, Munich, Weimar, Frankfurt, and Mainz. Internet experts Jeff Jarvis and Jaron Lanier, and science-fiction authors Marc Elsberg and Daniel Suarez are among the prestigious personalities featured in the cinematically filmed documentary, directed by Susanne Lenz-Gleißner.

Watch the film in German on YouTube.

Meet the Germans

Get to know the Germans with me on DW’s web video series Meet the Germans. I caught up with locals to explore the beauty and pitfalls of the language and the quirks of the culture.

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I hosted DW’s German music show, PopXport, in both German and English, for 2.5 years. Each week, PopXport brings you the latest from the German pop music scene, including established heavyweights like Rammstein and Nena and promising newcomers from Milky Chance to Antilopen Gang.